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Notification To OpenNet Of Commencement and Performance Of Earthworks

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1. Introduction

In conjunction with the licensing of telecommunication cable detection workers by the Info-communications Development Authority Of Singapore (IDA) and in compliance with Section 29(1) of the Telecommunications Act 1999 (the Act), the procedures for the notification of earthworks by the contractors/principals to OpenNet or any contractors carrying out works in public, are as contained herein.

2. Definition

2.1 OpenNet’s Telecommunication Cables shall include any OpenNet’s fibre cables which may be identified with a blue stripe printed on the cable sheath and/or with OpenNet markings or indications in any form on the cable sheath.

3. Administration Procedure

3.1 The principals/contractors shall purchase the latest plant information from OpenNet in accordance to the instructions set out in the url link : and also submit via the form attached Request for OpenNet Plant Route Plan .

3.2 As a reminder, the principals/contractors must engage a licensed telecommunication cable detection worker (TCDW) to locate and expose the OpenNet’s plant routes by digging trial holes and by detection equipment before commencement of any earthworks in the vicinity of telecommunication cables.

3.3 The TCDW must submit the detected and located plant route information in accordance to the instructions set out in the url link.

4. Submissions And Conditions / Payment

4.1 The notices and payment on the procurement of the necessary documents shall be submitted. All forms may be obtained as below. References can be made via the url link:

These include:

(i) Notification of Earthwork

(ii) Request for assistance in cable detection

(iii) Request the purchase of route plan

(iv) DOs and DON’Ts

4.2 Conditions and safety measures shall always be foremost in any works to be carried out and be in accordance with the Telecommunication Act.

4.3 OpenNet reserves the right to include additional conditions and/or modify existing conditions during the duration of earthworks if damage to cable may occur or is likely to occur.

5. Contact

For any enquiries, please contact the following personnel as below:

Daniel Hung
Tel: (65) 6603 5158