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Guidelines for Acquiring Services from OpenNet

As the NetCo of the Next Gen NBN, OpenNet will be providing certain Mandated Services to the NetCo Qualifying Persons (NetCo QPs) as outlined below. The NetCo QP must belong to one of the following classes of licensees to enjoy these mandated services:

  • Facilities-Based Operator (FBO) – eligible to acquire both Basic and Ancillary Mandated Services;
  • Services-Based Operator (SBO) – eligible to acquire Ancillary Mandated Services only; or
  • Broadcasting Licensee – eligible to acquire Ancillary Mandated Services only.

Basic Mandated Services are:

Schedule 1 – Residential End-User Connection

Schedule 2 – Non-Residential End-User Connection

Schedule 3 – NBAP Connection

Schedule 4 – CO to CO Connection

Schedule 5 – CO to Building MDF Connection

Schedule 6 – Building MDF Room to FTTB Node Connection

Schedule 7 – FTTB Node to DP Connection

Schedule 8 – Building MDF Room to Residential Premise Connection

Schedule 9 – Building MDF Room to Non-Residential Premise Connection

Schedule 10 – CO to NBAP DP Connection

Schedule 11 – NBAP DP to NBAP TP Connection

Ancillary Mandated Services are:

Schedule 12 – Co-Location Service

Schedule 13 – Patching Service

Schedule 14 – OSS/BSS Connection & Professional Service

For more information on OpenNet’s services, please click here

Application Process

If a NetCo QP seeks to acquire services from OpenNet, the NetCo QP must submit to OpenNet either a written expression of interest, or a conforming Notification of Acceptance of the Interconnection Offer (ICO).

Written Expression of Interest

The written expression of interest to enter into ICO Agreement with OpenNet shall be submitted via facsimile or email setting out the NetCo QP’s local details such as a designated contact person, an email address, a Singapore telephone and facsimile number and address in Singapore.

If by facsimile:

750E Chai Chee Road#07-03/05/06 Technopark@Chai Chee
Singapore 469005

Fax: 64490221
Attn: Director, Regulatory & Interconnect

If by online:

Click here

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The NetCo QP may be required to sign the Model Confidentiality Agreement which will be provided by OpenNet.

OpenNet and the NetCo QP shall commence discussions within five (5) Business Days of receipt of the NetCo QP’s expression of interest.

Notification of Acceptance of Interconnection Offer

The NetCo QP shall submit a conforming acceptance of the ICO (Notification of Acceptance) to OpenNet in the form provided at Attachment A of the ICO.

The Notification of Acceptance shall include the following information:

  • The Basic Mandated Services and/or the Ancillary Mandated Services that the NetCo QP wishes to be supplied with ;
  • Evidence of the type of telecommunication system licence or broadcasting licence held by the NetCo QP;
  • A designated contact person, an email address, a Singapore telephone and facsimile number and address in Singapore;
  • A banker’s guarantee or security deposit of either S$10,000 or S$30,000 depending on the NetCo QP’s estimated initial Monthly Recurring Charge; and
  • A broad form public liability insurance policy with an insurance company licensed in Singapore, to the value of:
  1. S$10 million, if NetCo QP is a FBO; or
  2. S$1 million, if NetCo QP is a SBO or a Broadcasting Licensee

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OpenNet will respond to the applicant within five (5) business days on whether or not the Notification of Acceptance conforms to the requirements of the ICO. If it is conforming, OpenNet and the NetCo QP shall start the process of entering into an ICO Agreement thereafter.

Applicants may also contact OpenNet at the following for the status of assessment of the Notification of Acceptance:

Telephone: 6718 2828

Customised Agreement

If a NetCo QP has any specific requirements (for the provisioning of Mandated Services by OpenNet), the NetCo QP may request for a customised arrangement with OpenNet.

The process for negotiating a Customised Agreement is outlined in the following slide.

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