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For Facility-based Operators

An FBO may purchase ALL available services from OpenNet. OpenNet offers wholesale dark fibre services to downstream operators on a non-discriminatory basis. Over and above this, we also provide related services such as co-location facilities as a value-added service to our customers.

1. Fibre-to-the-Premise

  • FTTP services are designed to allow FBOs to offer pervasive high speed services to the end-users at a competitive rate.
  • These range of services are termed as ‘Per End User Connections’.
End-to-End Connectivity from OpenNet’s co-location site to individual homes, offices, or non-building address points (NBAPs) Low monthly recurring cost
Supports GPON and OE Technology using point to multi-point Network architecture No limitation to the amount of bandwidth that can be delivered
Available in 1:24 split ratio for Residential Premise and 1:16 split ratio for Non-Residential Premise and NBAPs Technology agnostic and future proof


2. Segment based Point-to-Point Fibre

  • Segment based services are designed to allow FBOs the flexibility to customised their network. FBOs would not be restricted by where the serving CO is or where the final point of interconnect is.
Dedicated point-to-point connectivity between two interconnection points. Eg. CO to MDF, CO to CO, etc Allows flexibility to the FBOs
Fully customisable and not restricted to any split ratio No limitation to the amount of bandwidth that can be delivered
Does not restrict to only GPON or OE Technology Technology agnostic and future proof


3. Co-location Services

  • Co-location Services are available for FBOs, SBOs, and Broadcasting Licensees to place their network racks and equipment in one of OpenNet’s serving CO.
120 sqm space at each of the 9 COs available for racks and equipment co-location Open Access, available to all QPs
Highly secure environment Closest proximity to the end-users
Located next to the backbone of the NGNBN infrastructure Low operating cost

4. OSS/BSS Services

  • OpenNet’s OSS/BSS forms the backbone of OpenNet’s operations. The OSS/BSS is designed with our customers in mind and is adapted from some of the industry’s best practices.
B2B Secure Online Transaction Automated workflow reduces processing overheads and eliminates processing error
Standard interface API based on XML and web services, compliant to OSS /j Online order status tracking allows for better resource management
Resource management via network inventory and geographic information system (NIS/GIS) Readily-available network inventory and geographic information

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