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Qualifying Person

OpenNet offers wholesale dark fibre services to downstream operators on a non-discriminatory basis, providing them the level playing field to compete in the market. As a part of the offering, OpenNet provides related services such as co-location facilities at its COs, OSS/BSS connection to enable seamless provisioning of services and billing.

  • What is OpenNet’s business?
    • OpenNet is the designated NetCo or Network Company operating under the Next Gen NBN initiative. OpenNet builds, operates and lease dark fibres and associated services to qualified operators or NetCo QPs.
  • What is a NetCo QP?
    • NetCo QP or Network Company Qualifying Person refers to an operator who is either a Facilities-Based Operator (FBO), a Service Based Operator (SBO), or a Broadcasting Licensee.
  • What does a NetCo QP qualify for?
    • A NetCo QP is qualified to purchase services from OpenNet depending on the type of license held
    • As NetCo QP FBO, it may purchase ALL available services from OpenNet
    • As NetCo QP SBO and Broadcasting Licensee, it may only purchase Co-location Services, OSS/BSS Connection Services and Patching Services