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These avid gamers are getting enhanced game play after activating their fibre broadband connections. Read about their experiences with OpenNet and the Next Gen Nationwide Broadband Network!

“I play strategy games like DotA (Defense of the Ancients) every day and playing them on fibre broadband is much better as the Internet connection is smoother and there is no lag.”

– Gerald Goh, 18 years old

“Fibre broadband allows multiple users/computers in our family to be connected to the Internet at the same time without compromising the speed, unlike our previous Internet connection. With its faster speed, fibre also makes my daily game time (League of Legends and War Craft) more enjoyable. I no longer face issues like pausing during mid-game due to lags in my Internet connection, causing other players to wait for me to catch up.”

– Ngieng Shih Yang, 13 years old

“I go online daily, mainly to play games like Dragon Nest and Defense of the Ancients (DotA). The current fibre broadband connection I have at home doesn’t affect my progress in these games and has upgraded my overall gaming experience!”

– Teo Ang Guan, 15 years old

“Compared to our previous Internet connection, our new fibre broadband connection offers faster speed and better stability. I play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games (MMORPG)like World of War Craft and Starcraft for a few hours every day and a slow Internet connection used to can hamper my game play due to frequent lags.”

– Damien, 18 years old

“Installation of the Termination Point by OpenNet at my home was completed efficiently. The guys who came did a pretty good job. And now that I’m on fibre broadband, Internet speed is much improved. Playing games like DotA, general web surfing and social networking are faster and smoother.”

– Darius Lim, 17 years old

“I enjoy first-person shooter games like Call of Duty and Team Fortress. Both are fast paced games and a slow Internet connection will make it “GAME OVER” all too soon. I’m glad that my current fibre broadband is fast and doesn’t lag that much. Fast is also how I would describe my Termination Point installation by OpenNet. As my preferred placement of the point is very close to the entrance, it was fixed up in less than ten minutes!”

– Dave Teoh, 17 years old

“My current fibre broadband has been good so far as it’s faster in terms of downloading. All the games I play online such as Dragon Nest and Team Fortress 2 rely on Internet speed and it’s definitely better with fibre as it’s very smooth and there’s no lag.”

– Darren Mak, 20 years old

“First-person shooter and MMORPG games like Black Shot and Dragon Nest give the adrenalin rush that gets players like me hooked online every day. The last thing we need is a slow Internet connection that causes lag mid-game and one to be eliminated quicker in the game. That’s why I think being on fibre broadband now is great. It also makes research for school projects, watching Youtube videos and the entire Internet experience a whole lot better!”

– Joseph Kim, 15 years old

“My favourite online game is League of Legends simply because it’s a strategy game and also affords long hours of game play. And from one who spends almost four to six hours a day on online gaming, I must say that my current fibre broadband connection offers excellent speed and less downtime. Buffering of movies online is much faster too.”

– Goh Ee Chye, 20 years old

“My favourite online game is Defense of the Ancients (DotA) as it is exciting and action packed. With our current fibre broadband connection, I no longer experience delays, hence eliminating the frustrations caused by unforeseen disconnections during a game.”

– Lwin, 18 years old