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With combined experience, technical finesse and financial strength from all four partners, OpenNet is a diverse company with a strong financial background. Each member brings with it its own unique know-how and expertise, complementing each other in OpenNet’s drive to deliver on the vision of the Next Gen NBN project.

The Canadian-based Axia has vast experience in planning, designing and operating a truly open access next generation networks in Canada and Europe, and will bring this experience and success to Singapore. The Axia business model drives healthy competition in the market, bringing consumers choice and new offerings at affordable prices.

SingTel has been deploying optical fibre infrastructure in its network since early 1990s in order to meet the demands of a digitised intelligent network that can support both voice and data. To date, SingTel has deployed optical fibre network to at least 99% of the building Main Distribution Frame (MDF) rooms in Singapore.

SPH, with its extensive multi-media reach via its large stable base of newspapers, magazines, radio stations and Internet media platforms, is in prime position to raise public awareness, interest and demand for the high-speed open access broadband network, and drive mass adoption of the Next Gen NBN. Also known in the industry as a savvy infocomm technology investor, SPH has much experience in funding telecom related projects, bringing them to successful IPO.

Already a respectable provider of critical infrastructure in Singapore, SPT is an established company with access to Singapore Power Group’s country-wide assets and unparalleled experience in building ducting networks.