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Resilient and scalable state-of-the-art fibre network

To meet IDA’s projected bandwidth requirements and rollout milestones, OpenNet proposes to build a two-tier optical fibre ring network that not only provides flexibility to OpenNet’s customers of the OpCos in designing their active equipment layer, but with the highest level of resiliency and redundancy.

OpenNet has carefully considered the selection of its nine Central Offices (COs) with the widest geographical spread to meet the key objective of a high level of broadband coverage within the shortest deployment timeframe. Co-location space is also provided at each CO to allow for effective open access to our customers.

OpenNet’s solution has incorporated a comprehensive state-of-the-art OSS/BSS solution to address issues pertaining to service provisioning, network monitoring and maintenance, and fault management.

In anticipation of an ever-growing demand for faster and higher quantity of bandwidth, the network is designed to ensure the ease and effectiveness for future upgrades. OpenNet will also leverage on its partners’ proven track record in massive technology migration (such as migration of Time Division Multiplexed switches to NGNBN Network), which involves minimal, if not nil, service disruption to the end-users.

OpenNet’s nationwide rollout schedule will be pervasive, with 60% of households and buildings fibred up by the end of 2010 and around 95% coverage by 2012.

OpenNet ensures pristine neutrality in its governance and control provisions, and maintains the open access nature and vision of the Singapore’s NGNBN.

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